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Legal Wedding

Are you interested in getting legally married in Thailand?

While the wedding packages we offer are not officially recognized, we are able to offer you the assistance in preparing the paperwork and providing you a step by step process to guarantee the legality of your marriage in Thailand. Once all the legal documents are prepared and executed we will arrange your transport to the local registry (Amphoe) to file and formalize your union both here in Thailand and your native (home) country. We are also able to offer to have an officer from the local registry appear at your ceremony and sign off on the documents there. We can not provide a list of all requirements from all different countries here, but most of them are the same. To make sure contact your local City Hall.
Below you can find an example from the Australian Embassy – click here Website!

Registering marriages in Thailand

This information sheet provides Australians with information regarding marriage registration procedures in Thailand. The Embassy cannot provide information on other issues, such as organizing celebrants or venues. There are brokers in Thailand who will offer (for a fee) to arrange a marriage registration or ceremony. Australians wishing to marry other Australians or foreigners in Thailand (other than Thai citizens), may find that it much easier to register their marriage in Australia prior to arranging a suitable ceremony in Thailand, as registration procedures for foreigners in Thailand can be bureaucratic and time-consuming. Please contact the marriage registrar in your State or Territory if you select this option.
For information on a Thai spouse’s immigration to Australia please contact the Immigration Section of the Embassy (DIMIA). Marriages registered in Thailand are recognized by Australian authorities, but further documentation will be required from Births Deaths and Marriages for passport issue purposes.

Why do I need to register? How do I register my marriage?

Under Thai law, marriages must be registered with Thai authorities to be legally recognized. A valid notarized Thai marriage will then be recognized in Australia. If you do not register a marriage with Thai authorities, you are not legally married in Thailand or Australia. The marriage must be registered at the Amphoe (or Town Hall), in the district where the marriage took place. In addition to the normal requirements (about which you should seek advice from the celebrant), each Australian party must provide their passport, and the following:

• Statutory declarations
Australians married in Thailand must provide a pro-forma statutory declaration. The Thai Government requires that such declarations be witnessed at the Australian Embassy Bangkok. They will not accept declarations from Australia. A fee of AUD$20 is payable for this service.

• Death/Divorce Certificates
If you were previously married, you should provide an original divorce or death certificate to demonstrate your status. You must bring original documents to be certified at the Embassy. The Embassy cannot certify photocopies. A fee of AUD$30 is payable per certified document.

• Translations
You must also arrange for the statutory declaration and any applicable divorce/death certificates to be translated into the Thai language. There are many private translation agencies in Bangkok who can provide this service (for a fee) within one working day.
•Certification by the Thai Department of Consular Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
After documents have been translated they must be authenticated (for a fee) by the Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Office hours: 08:30 – 15:30
Web Site:

Address: Saranrom Palace
1 Sanarmchai Road, Bangkok 10200.
Tel: +66-2-622-2638

Address: Chaengwattana Building
123 Chaengwattana Rd., Tungsonghong Laksi Bangkok 10210.
Tel: +66-2-981-7171

• The Amphoe (Town Hall)
When you have completed the above requirements, which can only be completed in Bangkok over at least 2-3 working days, you should go to the Amphoe to register the marriage. Your celebrant may be able to assist you with these arrangements. The Amphoe in Phuket is open from Monday to Friday 8:30 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 16:30.

You will have to bring your Passports in original plus copies & all documents from embassy incl. translation. You further need two witnesses with legal identification. In case you would like an officer to come to your wedding and sign all the papers there, you have to provide all necessary papers three working days before the wedding at the Amphoe.

• Disclaimer: This information is provided for the assistance of Australians intending to register a marriage in Thailand and is intended to be as accurate as possible. The Embassy is not responsible for any inconvenience, arrangements, or expenses made on the basis of the above advice.

Embassies in Thailand

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US Embassy:
British Embassy:
Canadian Embassy:
Swedish Embassy:
New Zealand Embassy:
Royal Dutch Embassy:
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Italian Embassy:
Russian Embassy:

For other Embassies, not listed above, click here

Some thoughts from our wedding celebrant John Lindsey

Hello Bride and Groom To Be,

Congratulations on coming to this point in your relationship and on wanting to go to the next level. Your wedding marks the start of a transition from where you are now as man and woman to where you can be as husband and wife and I welcome the opportunity to be part of that new beginning with you. Here are some thoughts and ideas for you to consider as you approach your wedding and I look forward to discussing them and your ideas with you to help you make your wedding event a special, memorable, significant, and joyful celebration.

The concept of marriage has three aspects to it :

• Love relationship
• Public Declaration/proclamation
• Legal Recognition/Endorsement

Love Relationship

This idea is as broad and varied as there are people and couples and brings with it a mystical sense of rightness and wonder that you have found each other and discovered a desire to be together in a way that transcends friendship, physical attraction, and any other single aspect of a relationship. However, as well as the absolutely unique and unrepeatable aspects of your relationship, there are many common and predictable patterns and principles which are relevant to a successful marriage regardless of culture, race, or time.

Whatever the details of your experiences to bring you to this point in your relationship, the next step into marriage should be taken seriously and thoughtfully for the sake of your own well being and happiness.

Public Declaration

This relates to your desire to establish your relational status and standing in your own hearts and before your friends and family – your community. It may also include your recognition of a spiritual aspect to your relationship by way of content which refers to God and/or spiritual recognition or writings etc.

Marriage is not a contract. It is instead a covenant from each of you to the other. A contract is an agreement between two (or more in business) people where the obligations and requirements of each depend entirely upon the fulfillment of the obligations and requirements of the other for the contract to be completed. A covenant is a one sided commitment from each of you to the other in regard to what it is you bring and offer to the other and it can only be fulfilled by you alone.

In Thailand, most Thai people see this as the most important step to establish their marriage status through the wedding party which may or may not include a spiritual aspect by way of the participation of Buddhist monks in the service.

It is this aspect of establishing a marriage that is most relevant to your wedding service and the elements of it should be considered carefully so that when you look back to your wedding day, the things you did and said to each other have special meaning and significance for you always.

Legal Recognition

In Thailand, this aspect of marriage is addressed by the Thai authorities only by way of the amphoe’s office. If you wish to have your marriage legally recognized in Thailand, you will need to comply with the Thai marriage requirements. There is good information on the web in this regard or your hotel staff may provide valuable assistance to make sure you can fulfill your legal compliance prior to your wedding service.

You can have a representative from the local amphoe’s office on hand to witness your wedding and sign all the necessary papers and certificates for you immediately following the wedding service. Once you have received your marriage certification in Thailand, it is recognized internationally.

Here are some suggested items for you to consider including in your wedding service. I hope they are helpful to you at this time.

Kind regards,

John M Lindsay